SBI Certificate Required Courses (12 Credits) *course list may vary each semester. 

Aggressive students may easily acquire the SBI Certificate in 3-4 months.

  The SBI Certificate is designed to give a solid biblical knowledge and preparation for local church ministry involvement.  Required courses have been constructed to fortify foundational truths and to give practical understanding to effectively communicate the gospel in this multi-cultural society.  Living a Christian life above reproach, with character and integrity, are top priorities for Christian ambassadors representing Jesus Christ.  SBI Certificate courses are presented to give you the knowledge and wisdom necessary to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called and to serve your church effectively. 

*Partial Course List

*Availability of courses offered will alternate each semester.

Introduction to the New Testament A general survey of the books of the New Testament from Matthew to Revelation.

Practical Principles A study of Biblical Mandates & Personal Convictions, recognizing Traditions, understanding Standards and other principles from the Word and being effective Witnesses to various Cultures. Also included in course is Biblical Financial Principles.

Introduction To Theology

Leadership Inside 101 Text: Developing The Leader Within You; John Maxwell

Bible Study Methods PTH1100

Missiology I

Soul Winning Text: Soulwinning        Material: New Life In Jesus DVDs- A biblical and practical study of what happens in heaven and inside of an individual when they are born again and what to expect in the future, as a Christian. Good material to equip you for nurturing young converts.

The Holy Spirit

Conflict Management

1. Leadership 101
2. Leadership 102
3. Leadership 103
4. NTS
5. Practical Principles
6. Communications 101
7. Truth Project
8. Evangelism Fire
9. History of Civilization
10. Bible Study Methods
11. English 101
12. Christian Education 101
13. Winning With People