Sonshine Bible Institute is a sister educational ministry of Sonshine Worship Center and Sonshine Christian Academy.  The church and acadmey were established simultaneously in Ft. Myers, Florida in 1976 as Evangelistic Works, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization of Florida (1976) and have continued without interruption for the past 30 years, providing solid, consistent Christian leadership and training to constituents of southwest Florida. 

 SBI is an affiliate of Evangelical Bible Seminary.

   We at SBI desire to provide the highest quality of Christian education and training.  Although quality and accreditation are used interchangeably, they donít always go hand in hand.  Accreditation has often been mistaken for quality.  

We do believe accreditation to be important, as it is a third party analysis and review of our facility, programs, staff, administration and curriculum.  There are many accreditation associations and some are better known than others.  A few are accepted by the government, and therefore are approved for government loans, grants, etc.  We have chosen to have our curriculum and school accredited through the National Association of Christian Education because of its Christian stand on education.  Although this organization is widely acceptable by other NACE. schools, as well as many other accredited schools, it may not be recognized by all schools.  Therefore, it is our policy statement that the accepting of credits of SBI is at the receiving institutionís discretion.