Absentee Policy

For those attending Classroom Courses:  Students missing more than 2 classes in any course will lose credit for the course and work completed. 

Credit for the course and work completed may be redeemed by purchasing DVDs of the classes, if available.

Distance Learning

Students are permitted to enrol in Distance Learning (dvd, internet & correspondence), who are:
1. already enrolled in SBI classes on campus, or
2. live in excess of 30 miles from Sonshine

Course Work

Any assignments or work on a particular course must commence "after" enrolling for that course.  Work done previous to enrolling in that course will not be acknowledged for credit.


Score Grade
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
65-69 D
64 or below F

Credits are determined by term work and final examinations.  All thesis must be typewritten, double-spaced and all quotations must be acknowledged and the sources indicated. A student must earn 130 hours of acceptable credits for a Bachelor Degree of Religious Education or Theology and 150 hours for a Master Degree of Religious Education or Theology.  SBI does not issue Doctorate Degrees at this time.

A student's ability to transfer credits from Sonshine Bible Institute to another institution is dictated by a number of factors. In our Catalog and related disclosure documents, we explain to prospective students that there is no guarantee SBI credits can be transferred. Acceptance of any institution's credits is at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. Even so, upon request we work with students to help them transfer credits. 
The main “rule” is that credit transfer is wholly at the discretion of the “transfer to” institution. Schools establish guidelines as to the number, subject matter, age, division level and satisfaction of programmatic pre-requisites of previously earned academic credits. SBI participates in processes to streamline credit transfer through agreements with individual institutions. However, no institution, including SBI, can compel another institution to accept credits students may wish to transfer. We believe the high quality of our educational standards and the recognition of our affiliate institutions should be the determining factors in transfer credits, but that is not always the case.