3peopleMid.jpgSonshine Bible Institute accepts students of any race or creed.  Before receiving a degree students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent; however, it is not required for the Bible Institute Certificate.  High school seniors may apply for dual enrollment. 

Application may be made at any time during the year.  Evening classes must be entered at the beginning of a semester; however, home studies and Distance Learning may begin immediately.

Applicants must be of good moral Christian character and have the abilities capable of being trained and developed to fit their chosen field of Christian Service.

Once a student decides to enroll, he or she should complete the application for admission and return it to the SBI registrar, along with a picture and the enrollment fee of $35.  After the application has been evaluated by the Review Committee, the applicant will be notified of acceptance or rejection of his or her application, or if more information is required.

Each student who applies and is accepted by SBI will meet with an advisor to consider the goals and objectives of the student and outline a tentative course of study most suited for the new enrollee.

Transfering Credits To Or From SBI

 You may consolodate your accumulated earned credits from various Bible schools, colleges, or from secular colleges. You may also receive credit for your ministry experience. Include a detailed resume of ministry experience with your application. Those wishing to transfer credits to Sonshine Bible Institute from another institution will be considered on an individual basis. Transferability of credits earned at this institution to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution.  All transcripts of grades from any previous school should accompany the admission application.